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XH. 2018-11-01 Rapp will stop allowing input

At the School of CSC it was decided in 2017 that the reporting system Rapp should be shut down. The reason for this was, among other things, lack of security for continued operation and maintenance. However, no acceptable alternative for the system existed when the decision was taken, and the use of Rapp was therefore extended for courses that already were established in the system. For new courses, the course leaders were told to use Canvas and Ladok for the registration of results. Results posted in Rapp for “moment” in courses already available in the system were transferred to Ladok until the new Ladok was implemented in June 2018.

In order for course leaders and examiners to have continued access to results submitted to Rapp, the School of EECS has developed scripts for a migration of all results in Rapp to Canvas. Therefore, on November 1, 2018, the possibility to register results in Rapp will be finally closed. It will however be possible to see previously reported results until the end of the year, when we plan to shut down Rapp definitively.

Therefore, be sure to run all formulas for “delmoment” and “moment” that should be saved in Rapp before November 1 (using "Reporting New Results").

After November 1, the results will gradually be transferred to Canvas, one course round after another. All the saved results and all formula results will be transferred. The migration will be complete by the end of the year at the latest. As soon as the results from a course round have been transferred, a corresponding course instance will appear in Canvas with the same eligibility as in Rapp. Students will be able to see their own results as usual. The course instances in Canvas will only contain results, no course pages. To distinguish these course instances from other course instances in Canvas, the name will be "Rapp" followed by the abbreviation for the course round used in Rapp.

For the part of Rapp used for time reporting unfortunately no system support is available for the moment, but a new KTH common system is currently being procured. The time reporting for assistants is currently made via specific forms and the time reporting for PhD students should be registered as instructed by the Director of Studies.

We are aware of the fact that Canvas lacks some of the support for reporting that has been available in Rapp, such as formulas, connection to Ladok and the handling of old students within our courses. Our hope is that this functionality will appear in Canvas in the future.

Teachers who have developed their own scripts to process the export of results from Canvas and Ladok are encouraged to report this to Viggo in order to make it possible for all teachers to benefit from this.

Best regards,
Marianne, Viggo, Chip, Serafim and Inge (responsible for Rapp -support), Joakim P (Head of Development ITA) and Stefan S (Canvas representative)